The world’s largest wind turbine breaks the record for the amount of electricity produced in a single day during a typhoon

The world’s largest offshore wind turbine has reached a milestone by setting a new record for electricity generation by a single wind turbine in a single day after opening during a typhoon. The rotor diameter of the Goldwind GWH252-16MW smart wind turbine is 252 meters (827 feet). In addition, it covers an area that can be swept, which is almost 50,000 square meters, i.e. 538,195 square feet, seven regular football fields. The turbine hub is 146 meters (479 ft) tall, equivalent to a 50-story building. The record was achieved on September 1, according to state-owned power company China Three Gorges (CTG), which broke all previous records set by Denmark’s Vestas in August.

The 16 MW wind turbine was installed at Huangpu Liuao Offshore Wind Farm Phase 2 in southeastern Fujian Province and went public on July 19. Phase 2 of Zhangpu Liuao is under development and construction by the China Three Gorges (CTG) State Energy Corporation. In September, the wind turbine faced winds of around 85 km/h, which is 53 mph, and a rise of 23.56 meters per second in the face of Typhoon Haikui.As stated in the South China Morning Post, “This smart unit can change its blades in real time and continue to create power. Traditional wind turbines automatically lock their blades to prevent overloading when wind speeds surpass 25 meters per second. Each turbine blade has a maximum speed that can exceed 70% of the speed of sound, and its rotor has a diameter of 252 meters, which is more than double that of the London Eye.

The amazing record-breaking wind turbine features an innovative design that allows it to adjust its blades when the wind reaches high speeds. This feature allows it to continue operating during Typhoon Haikui, during which conventional turbines were forced to shut down.We’re carefully watching crucial parts like the tilt system, primary control software, and generators to gradually reduce performance constraints while maintaining operating safety. China has a long history of high carbon energy consumption, making it a popular source of greenhouse gas emissions. However, it has made significant investments in renewable energy sources such as solar and wind. The largest wind turbine produced 384.1 megawatt hours, which is believed to be enough to power almost 170,000 homes, which is indeed a new record for a single wind turbine in a single day. According to reports, the previous world record for the same period was set only in mid-August. Danish wind giant Vestas’ V236-15.0 MW prototype produced 363 megawatt-hours of power in 24 hours.

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