Reasons why Trello makes project management easy

Trello allows the user to organize work, whether they are a solo professional, a small team, or part of a larger organization.

When it comes to project management, Trello is a really well-liked platform. It helps the user to streamline project management, strengthen collaboration and maintain better control over tasks and projects. It allows the user to organize their work, whether they are a solo professional, a small team or part of a larger organization.

If you are new to this tool, here are some reasons why you shouldn’t miss it;

1. Tab covers for easier navigation:

Card covers in Trello are images or visuals that you can add to individual cards to make them visually distinct and easily recognizable. Instead of just having the name

on the card in plain text format, you can choose or upload an image that represents the content or purpose of the card. These covers help you quickly identify and organize your cards, making your Trello boards more visually appealing and user-friendly

2. Turn email into Trello cards:

The next time you get an email that you think would work better as a Trello card, forward it to a Trello board. Trello will automatically change it to a new tab. Each Trello board has a special email address. To find it, go to your board, click the menu on the right, and select More > Board Email Settings. You can copy an email address, create a new one, and select a list where new cards should appear.

3. Copy and paste from tables:

When you copy and paste a list of items from a spreadsheet into Trello, Trello recognizes that you may want to keep the information on one card or separate. So after you put in your list and hit enter, Trello will ask you what you want to do next.This makes it easy to either create separate tabs for each item or have all items displayed on one tab, depending on your preference.

4. Shortcuts for quick access:

Instead of going through all the drop-down menus and options, shortcuts really help save time and energy.

Trello shortcuts:

As you may well know, Trello is based on boards, lists and cards for project management. With the simple click of a button, you can instantly add new elements,

move things around, and add new members. However, when your to-do lists are crowded, smart keyboard shortcuts can save you time. Here is a list of the most important ones:

Hover over the tab and press:

● Enter to open the Trello card and see its description

● N to add a new card

● Control/Command + C to copy the card or Control/Command + V to paste the card

● L to add a new card label

● D to add a term

● M to add a new member

● Spacebar to add yourself to the card

● C for card archiving

● T to edit card name


● F to open the filter function

● Q to see only the cards you are a member of

● X to clear all filters

● E to open quick card edit mode

● M to open the menu

● When the tab is open to move between lists, the “<” or “>” arrows.

● F to open the filters, type * in the search box and get the total number of your active cards

● shift + ? to open the hotkey cheatTime saving tips:

There are several ways to save time or be on time with Trello. One way is to use existing templates, either those provided by Trello or templates created by the Trello community. In addition to helping you understand the full potential of the platform by discovering ideas for Trello boards, they save time and create unity among groups.

In addition, these ready-to-use Trello board examples can be a common point of reference between teams to speed up data organization and make information more


Another smart way to stay on time is to use Trello extensions, apps, enhancements,

and add-ons. Trello is everywhere! It has its own Google Chrome extension, a Gmail

add-on, and an app for Windows or Mac. This is key to a task management tool, as you can easily “take it with you” wherever you go and keep an eye on your work. Got a job that can’t wait for you to open your desktop? With a few clicks in the mobile app, you are always on time. Have a sudden idea for your project on the go? Simply join Trello and add it to your “Id”.

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